CaitVi Zine

An unofficial CaitVi Zine focused on Piltover's Finest.
Completed December 2022.


A CaitVi Zine focused on Piltover's Finest. This is not an official zine, rather a fan made project, and has no affiliation with Arcane or Riot Games.


What is a zine?
A zine is an anthology of works by various creators based on a central theme or topic.
What is this zine about?
This zine is centered around the relationship of Vi and Caitlyn from Arcane.
Who is organizing this zine?
Information about the organizers of this project can be found on our mods page.
What is the timeline for this zine?
Information about the current schedule of the zine can be found on our schedule page.
Will you allow NSFW content?
No. This zine will be PG-13 and contributors will be required to be 16+.
Can I collaborate with someone for the zine?
Yes, but you both must apply and be accepted separately. Collaborations between pairs will be decided upon later.
Where will the profits of this zine go?
This zine is for charity and all profits will go to the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice.
How will contributors be compensated?
If sales go well, we also hope to compensate all contributors with a free physical copy of the zine. Merch artists will also receive a free copy of any merch they designed. At the very least, contributors will receive a free copy of the digital zine and the ability to purchase any additional items at production cost.
Can I apply for more than one position?
Yes, but you will only be selected for one spot.
How many people will be involved?
We are planning to decide this based on the results of the interest check.
What will be the final zine requirements?Artists will work on a fully finished piece completed to the standard expected for a portfolio piece, fully colored with rich background, with the exception of stylistic choices as approved by the mods. Artists must work in 300 dpi CMYK, and the size of the zine will be 5.5" x 8.5".Writers will work on a complete stand-alone story within a predetermined word count, to be announced before contributor applications open.

Applications Coming Soon.

Until then, feel free to complete our interest check!


December 10, 2021
Interest Check opens
January 7, 2022
Interest Check closes
Contributor Applications open
February 4, 2022
Contributor Applications close
February 11, 2022
Contributor Application Results go out
February 18, 2022
Deadline for accepted contributors to confirm spot
February 25, 2022
Contributor ideas approved
March 25, 2022
Check-In 1 (Sketch/Outline)
April 22, 2022
Check-In 2 (50-75% done)
May 20, 2022
Final pieces due
June 3, 2022
Pre-orders open
July 1, 2022
Pre-orders close


Feyra - Shipping

I'm Feyra and I've been participating and modding for zines for the last 3 years! There is not a thought in my brain besides CaitVi ever since their partnership was first introduced in League of Legends, so I'm super excited for this zine!

Ly - Graphics + Formatting

Hello I’m Ly, I have modded zines for a few years now and can’t wait to start on this one as well! Vi and Caitlyn quickly made their ways into my heart and I’m excited to see what our contributors put together for this.

Maya - Finance + Organization

Hi, I’m Maya and I’ve been a mod for 10+ zines over the past 4 years. CaitVi has an amazing dynamic and I couldn’t resist modding a zine for this ship! I’m so excited to work with everyone to create an amazing experience for all involved in supporting this project!

Zanna - Social Media

I’ve been on the zine scene for about two years now as both contributor and mod and am thrilled to work on this one! I love the personality and spunk Arcane brought to life in Caitlyn and Vi and look forward to seeing what we can create from that.